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open your eyes to everything

"Cute baby!" by ilovecarolke

This, that, this and that… Open your eyes, don’t close it when the other thing comes which wasn’t the first thing you saw. Each and every offers the same teachings, guidelines, principles. It is just wrong when we don’t offer even a thought about them, it is just wrong if we close our door for other friends just because the friend we already have is good enough. Every human is same, although it’s not like i am comparing these two maybe incomparable things.

In Bosnia, we sometimes say, it’s all same, just with different cover, i bet there is this phrase in every part of this big precious ball we live in. I think that there are three stages to people’s opinions… the first one is when we don’t have any opinion about new things, second is we have our own opinions, and we d*** think that they are the “rightest” without any outer thought, and the third and last stage is when we have our opinions while being able to give an unbiased clear thought about different opinions, and of course transferring to it if we get it that it is right.

I’ll say it loud and clear, being in the second stage is poisonous, for us and the people around us, and the world today is pretty poisonous. I could now say, yes… it is not easy to do it, but i won’t… it is not Hard to do it. Like every new change we start, the part of creating that habit is the hardest, but we just have to do it, you’ll have to find your own way to start up your heart to control your mind for one millisecond and do it.

It is funny and sad. How if one group suggests one thing, and an other group the same thing, the followers of each group will believe more to their own groups, while denying the opposite groups. It has been like this for centuries. While, who may know. Maybe both of these groups are wrong.


black clouds don’t have to exist

"Dirty Sky" by Luke Healey

Today, people’s lives are like ocean waves, it goes up and it goes down. You can pick every single¬†opportunity¬†you encounter and you will pick every threat you encounter. It is because you are not really the one who picks. People who get to the top and fall straight down, and people who flow with the wave in the middle lane are same, same in the colors of the heart.

The reason of people falling down, is the presence of hatred and his fruit revenge, the world was turning round and round in the principle of revenge through the past. We can’t see what is in the air, and if we don’t see anything it doesn’t mean that there is nothing.

As we feel hatred, as we show hatred, as we inflict hatred, the air fills up with more and more of revenge and it is the reason of everyone, including the innocent being hurt. It doesn’t fade away with new generations coming, it just sums up with the past clouds.

We can clear up the hatred in the air by clearing ourselves of hate that comes from time to time. The bigger hatred we feel, the easier we can get rid of it, because we know how painful it feels. By saying to the air, by saying it to god, i really want to get rid of this feeling, one by one, the day will come when no hatred will be felt nor born in us.

shape what you are supposed to be

"Contrasting Cupcakes" by Angela Simms

Its just plain luck, its this, its that, i will tell you something now that can you can either accept as something positive or negative. There is no luck, no creation of new roads, no wishes, no dreams, no dreams coming true, IF we are not a fresh human, a human with no past habits, no past wants for revenge, no hard feelings for other people etc.

You, wanting to hurt someone, you, wanting to help someone, its not really you, it is you supposed to be, but you don’t want to live a life that is supposed to be, you want to live your own life, with your own ways, tools and surroundings.

We get numerous bad habits through the life, and anytime you feel negative emotions to some things you do, accept the alarm, this is not a part of you, this is a part of you that was supposed to be, and we know how the world is distorted, what is normal is not normal.

Next thing to do is, wish for the thing you do to fade away from yourself, just talk to the air, talk to god, say, i really want to get rid of this, just like that, its that simple.

After months, you will feel the difference, after years, you will be new, being hit by a car is not bad luck, loosing on a poker game is not bad luck, it is just what was supposed to be. Evading a car is not luck, until you have got rid of all the things that are not truly traits of a human being, of a clean human being that has no negative feelings for the world and everything on it.

There you go, take the road supposed to be, but slowly make it your own road, the road that you shape, where you point the destinations, where we build our own luck… where you choose when the sun rises, not really, but you get the point.

looking for the easiest ways

"The Easier Way" by t.gruv

This is for the young ones, for the teen ones, for the I haven’t chosen the road yet ones. You wanting the best for yourself, while minding to carry that one potato bag, to cut the a bit of the burden, the hardships from the most important persons. Afraid to face the true self, the root, the only rope, that can bring you to the real top, where footsteps of the one self, true self are only welcomed, you should have came at first.

But, driven by the thirst for the finished things, for the most surest hits, for the already designed roads, where the past sweat can be felt, while being afraid, careful not to accidentally sweat a little for yourself. By going that way, by going through the way where the branches on the road are cut, you will one day meet, appear in front of the door, with an “ups” bio-metrical scanners to prove, that can be passed by the only true holder of the road.

The next thing you do is look for other possible ways inside to continue the easy slide, it is like the need for cannabis, the need to stay inside, the need to keep it in the light, not being afraid of the night coming by. When the butterfly passes by, leafs fall down, pigeons start to fly, you consider to be clever, to be you.

To go back isn’t hard, but painful because of the realization of time, the realization of never being able to turn back the clocks, it is awful, you blame yourself, it is right, lets not do it again, lets remember it this time.

Starting to build your own road, it doesn’t seem difficult, it is just that past time were such a fun round, to play, to rest. Forget about the past, it is no use, you learned the mistakes, not to abuse, to go by its own, to leave a trace, leave no mess nor pitiness.

By going forward, you recognize, the old smile, that is so bright, that comes from the deep of the heart. Looking back, being proud, of the true road you built, where only one man was supposed to breathe. Wishing for the future to come at fast, because one thing we know, is that there will be light, without any doubt.

a moment to change our habits and therefore ourselves

"Honduras, Jumping into the Water" by Arne Wohlschlegel

We can read hundred of articles about personal development but if we don’t have the habit of strong consistency and cannot fulfill the promises made to ourselves and the society it won’t change us. Some say that the power of will is born-in into the personality of someone but we all know that the personality itself can be changed by changing habits which can be owned by simple first steps.

This article is about you letting go of the unwanted habits that stand as a obstacle on your life journey but also it can also be seen as a article about creating habits, both beneficial and destructive.

It is not the numbers that build the habit but the strength of the first numbers, the first tryouts that build the vitality of the next row. It may sound really down, but the vitality of the next row can be immediately banished with a little moment, the moment of realization, the moment of being true to ourselves, our body and our future.

Habits are not created long term nor short but at the right first time, how we think of it by the way we think of ourselves. It is not the five first times nor fifteen times of smoking a cigarette that design if the next door will be easy to open, but the thought of the need and will of it on the right first time.

The power of will won’t come with the wind that touches us, it must come from the inside where the all other real things come, the things that define our intentions, our motivations and our pictures of the whole life which is drawn in the minds of the close and distant acquaintances.

It is the consistency behind the words, “ok” and “no” that start building the tower, it doesn’t matter if the ok or no were strong, what matters is the strength of the consistency and finishing the promises.

The tower is built firstly by the easy doings, with the easiest walks like going to the grocery to buy milk or going out to lend a movie. These are the first steps in building the consistency and the will that drive someone to success.

One cannot conquer a mountain by landing on top of it with a helicopter and by that in mind, one cannot finish bigger tasks without firstly doing and than forgetting the smaller ones.

To finish a long journey one needs to bust the first step but the effectiveness of the journey is defined by the mindset which shapes the first step.