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believe, not fear

"Pretty One" by Thomas Hawk

Humans are random and colorful just like change. Sometimes they come suddenly without flashing us, sometimes we decide about the road of change, but in both ways there is the fear. It is normal.

We were grown by the society to be scared of the unknown, scared of the unseeable and unpredictable. And life can be like that, especially the future that we cannot foresee, future that we cannot fully believe in while we are not fully clean as a human.

These days I have been thinking a lot about change, because i had to choose between two majors for college. After a tons of research of all sorts i managed to see the preferable but i found out that nothing will be clear as a math result, especially things of these sorts that will stick with us to the distant future.

We cannot predict or foresee how it will go after we choose a change but we can stick with it, believe in it and believe in ourselves, because in the end there was a reason for everything, i could bold this.

While we are not fully clean humans we can just hope that the reasons are soft, by the mere believing in our decision we are fortifying it and making the road better for walk.

After a long research we can’t blame ourselves of the change that went bad, because we can never predict the weather perfectly, nature is everywhere and change is a part of it. Just.

If the change is already started, then why don’t stick with it and just dig it until the end.