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believe, not fear

"Pretty One" by Thomas Hawk

Humans are random and colorful just like change. Sometimes they come suddenly without flashing us, sometimes we decide about the road of change, but in both ways there is the fear. It is normal.

We were grown by the society to be scared of the unknown, scared of the unseeable and unpredictable. And life can be like that, especially the future that we cannot foresee, future that we cannot fully believe in while we are not fully clean as a human.

These days I have been thinking a lot about change, because i had to choose between two majors for college. After a tons of research of all sorts i managed to see the preferable but i found out that nothing will be clear as a math result, especially things of these sorts that will stick with us to the distant future.

We cannot predict or foresee how it will go after we choose a change but we can stick with it, believe in it and believe in ourselves, because in the end there was a reason for everything, i could bold this.

While we are not fully clean humans we can just hope that the reasons are soft, by the mere believing in our decision we are fortifying it and making the road better for walk.

After a long research we can’t blame ourselves of the change that went bad, because we can never predict the weather perfectly, nature is everywhere and change is a part of it. Just.

If the change is already started, then why don’t stick with it and just dig it until the end.


looking for the easiest ways

"The Easier Way" by t.gruv

This is for the young ones, for the teen ones, for the I haven’t chosen the road yet ones. You wanting the best for yourself, while minding to carry that one potato bag, to cut the a bit of the burden, the hardships from the most important persons. Afraid to face the true self, the root, the only rope, that can bring you to the real top, where footsteps of the one self, true self are only welcomed, you should have came at first.

But, driven by the thirst for the finished things, for the most surest hits, for the already designed roads, where the past sweat can be felt, while being afraid, careful not to accidentally sweat a little for yourself. By going that way, by going through the way where the branches on the road are cut, you will one day meet, appear in front of the door, with an “ups” bio-metrical scanners to prove, that can be passed by the only true holder of the road.

The next thing you do is look for other possible ways inside to continue the easy slide, it is like the need for cannabis, the need to stay inside, the need to keep it in the light, not being afraid of the night coming by. When the butterfly passes by, leafs fall down, pigeons start to fly, you consider to be clever, to be you.

To go back isn’t hard, but painful because of the realization of time, the realization of never being able to turn back the clocks, it is awful, you blame yourself, it is right, lets not do it again, lets remember it this time.

Starting to build your own road, it doesn’t seem difficult, it is just that past time were such a fun round, to play, to rest. Forget about the past, it is no use, you learned the mistakes, not to abuse, to go by its own, to leave a trace, leave no mess nor pitiness.

By going forward, you recognize, the old smile, that is so bright, that comes from the deep of the heart. Looking back, being proud, of the true road you built, where only one man was supposed to breathe. Wishing for the future to come at fast, because one thing we know, is that there will be light, without any doubt.

life can be amazing

"To Value Life" by Laurarama

Look at the apple, do you see its core, you feel it, but you must eat up some more.
Rocks and stones there will be, but with some faith there will be a future you will long to live.
For the future you must rise, to make it brighter than the shiniest edelweiss.
Sweat and sweat, don’t wipe it up, until there is nothing anymore to make you stand up.

Live up to the fullest, don’t complain of being empty, dug some more and the supply will be plenty.
Be in tact with the time, and soon you will realize that everything in fact can be a rhyme.
Your start can be slow, your start can be low, but always remember that only the peak is there to be shown.
To crush our own fortress there is only one way, to put up the white flag is to show off our mighty ray.

There will be black and white days, but the root that you don’t see will stay forever anyways.
Root, green or grey, the only thing that matters is the blossoming arrays.
Even if it is not deep, even it is just weak, to be ashamed of it is a job for the freak.
Face every new clock with booming spirit rather than a rile, and the time will come when every tick will make you smile.