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appreciation and depression

"Peter Pan balloon" by jservigna

Are the fogs too thick, or are our eyes the replicas of Oedipus, was this labyrinth too long, so long for it to become our home, the reality, which we so long to cheat. It is like the end, underground, a hundred wise, heroes of action, with triple A and S trophies would not be able to replenish this air, of de, oppression of our minds, brains dried out, and filled with green liquor.

Do teenagers need to live in prisons to feel the freedom, do we need to repeat 1939 to repent on our present thoughts. Do we need to burn the libraries to long for education, knowledge, do we need to break our limbs to feel the appreciation, do we need crush all the lights to regret the darkness we lured.

Is that the only way for us to step back from the cliff, still with tons of reasons to appreciate the view in front, the yellow paint on the blue canvas, the never-ending lines approaching the grains in front of the green forest.

Is the emergency room the only way to emerge to life, do our loved ones need to sacrifice for us, for us to accept the facts, the facts. Why is it that the people with one lung appreciate the air more, people with one arm, use the left one more, people with no family, love their family more.

Where did the promise fade away, that love is in the air, when the only thing we feel is toxic that fills our brains. What happened to the saying about the sun rising at dawn, when the only things rising are zombies evading the light, longing for the night.

What will happen tomorrow, some may know, I just hope, that the pill before the relief won’t consist of the dirt we spit, that the pain won’t be as high as we think we are.


happiness as it was, as it is, as it should be

"White Butterfly" by doug88888

Has the time changed our shape of hearts, is this warmth true warmth, I am sure this coldness is real.

The discovery and appreciation of fire that warmed our homes, cooked our food, protected us from predators and gave us light. Now, we neither appreciate it nor give a thought, a minute for it, while it still helps us keep our lives off the cliff. The bar has totally changed, the red part is overcome centuries ago, while we use every “free” source to fill up the additional part, when did the other part come. Not to mention rain, sunshine, plants, animals, snow, moonlight, and other things there translucent for us, waving for us, things that could fill up the red part and still fill the rest of it.

History may say that the colors were upgrading constantly through the passage of time but in the sense of happiness, the colors were rather fading away. A single day passed unharmed would bring safe dreams, a single meal to fill up our empty stomachs, a few sips of water to kill the thirst would ensure a warm day.

One could say, the times have changed, but the time is same, ticking by the second not changing its rhythm not changing its aim, but we change, and our change was more to the unfortunate. We can blame the Fall, we can blame other people, we can blame the whole history, our thirsts for easy industry. But blaming won’t change us to what we are supposed to be.

The wishes have changed from one single step to hundred miles, from one dog house, to a skyscraper, from a cup of water to artificial lakes. Basic needs are imaginative to our hearts extends. What was used to be is not anymore. Deliberate ignorance for the neighbouring countries that are in the same ball we float in. The word balance is used only for some financial statistics in the business world, that is fake and unbalanced like the world today itself.

What good is all the literature that is drowning in a vortex when we are living in a void with artificial rainbows. One should question if new words are ought to be written, while we are surrounded with libraries of books that are fading. Are all nobels, all poets, all lunatics. Like us following them.

Is the first flight of a butterfly still surrounded by the sun. Is the newborn baby walking alone. Does he hear the whisper of his loved one. Can the mother find her lost daughter. Is turning back the time possible for the boy regretting his actions. Who said you have to walk 100 miles, while one step is enough.

stairway to ibidem

"Bird Sky" by CubaGallery

The world as is today, a total paradise, erm, perdition, no. Why do we look like pieces from an experiment, why do we look like mices that have to find their own way between the walls that look like mirrors. Jealousy, selfish ambition, success, selfish defeat. We have it right inside of us, yet it is the furthest of in all the theory, melancholy.

Why isn’t everything so easy, smooth, why isn’t everything going as we willsh. Is there a destiny, fate, lines already created un-consciously, nu-consciously, for us to follow. Did the nobels just push us into the past future, into the cliff of sorrow.

My mom told me, i can be whatever i wish to be. And yet, i feel as my wish was already drawn at my forehead. I feel as my wish was already appointed and it is the driving force that is way ahead.

Yet, i accept the fact that it is my “heart”, my stairway, that is leading me to the never land. That is leading me to anywhere it wants to lead me. I sometimes feel as i am not the man, the hand that is feeding me, that there is something different that is breathing in me.

And yet, i follow it, without knowing anything about it, without saying hi to it. Do i have to reconcile, do i have to make him a king.

It feels like a another mystery left upon us, and who knows if we will get the answer, the approval. The key, the sword of the paladin to free us from the crawling beings that eat us, and the every thing around us.

Do i have to wake up from my pitiful dreams to see the crisis of mystery unleashed. The ultimate puzzle, the castle unconquered, the son unloved, the sun unloved. Do i have to wake up from my pitiful dreams to see the cries of misery, fake happiness. The time unchanged, the freedom rearranged, the movie rewinded, the people behind it

better times are coming

"Looking up" by lifelovepaper

Did you see the sun this morning? It had a rather bigger smile than yesterday and I bet tomorrow it will be more brighter again. See how the world is changing, it is changing because it can’t get more down, it is now only going up, because it is time. It is time that the world changes, and it is now time that we change.

Unfortunately, there are still many people waiting to be changed rather than changing themselves. Today it is not all stones and rocks, it is the information age, and with some clicks we can realize what we have to do, if not the whole, even the tiny bit, that will create the seed of hope that can grow and become an reality.

We can’t change the rules, but we can change ourselves according to the rules and play as it was supposed to be, play without the greed for perfection, but rather the greed of collaboration, play without the hatred, without jealousy, without revenge.

Every thing begins with the small step, being grateful of flowers that bring beauty to our eyes, feeling the love in every person we see, the love that is being shown on the inside, because that is the only thing that was meant to count in the real world.

The world where people really can choose to work hard and in the end accomplish it without being hit by a car or something, the world where children come back home while playing without tears in their eyes created by the hatred.

The harsh times will come, because to clear the dust on the floor we have to get a broom and wipe it, there must be an conflict for the peace to come, yes i also wish it is not a truth. But hey, we must be grateful for being born in this time, where it started, we rock!