the part when the world transitions

"Better times" by Hausstaubmilbe

The volcano has erupted. All the sufferings from this world started to clash on one each other, or it can seem that way. It can seem that it is too late sometimes, but even if it sounds hopeless i will tell you that the human heart can always be changed. Yes. Some may say the nature is mindless, plays on dice, but i will tell you.

Everything that surrounds us, has a reason, if not, than there are more reasons. What seems illogical doesn’t mean that it is purposeless, it is just that we can’t ignore the fog in the middle of the bridge. The reasons change as we change, they are like mirrors. Mirrors that are in pain, mirrors that want revenge.

It just started, and it can be worse, the planet, the world is reshaping itself, like a human has times of trouble which he overcomes to have joy. Peace can hardly be realized without the last clash, that makes it even for both, that closes the door of the past and lets us step on the world not as we know it, but wholly different in means of colors.

One cannot help other person if the person is not ready, ready to think through it, to accept it. Life is not short, it is the part we can see is short, but what we don’t see doesn’t mean it is not existing. It just started, but we can end it.


black clouds don’t have to exist

"Dirty Sky" by Luke Healey

Today, people’s lives are like ocean waves, it goes up and it goes down. You can pick every single opportunity you encounter and you will pick every threat you encounter. It is because you are not really the one who picks. People who get to the top and fall straight down, and people who flow with the wave in the middle lane are same, same in the colors of the heart.

The reason of people falling down, is the presence of hatred and his fruit revenge, the world was turning round and round in the principle of revenge through the past. We can’t see what is in the air, and if we don’t see anything it doesn’t mean that there is nothing.

As we feel hatred, as we show hatred, as we inflict hatred, the air fills up with more and more of revenge and it is the reason of everyone, including the innocent being hurt. It doesn’t fade away with new generations coming, it just sums up with the past clouds.

We can clear up the hatred in the air by clearing ourselves of hate that comes from time to time. The bigger hatred we feel, the easier we can get rid of it, because we know how painful it feels. By saying to the air, by saying it to god, i really want to get rid of this feeling, one by one, the day will come when no hatred will be felt nor born in us.

shape what you are supposed to be

"Contrasting Cupcakes" by Angela Simms

Its just plain luck, its this, its that, i will tell you something now that can you can either accept as something positive or negative. There is no luck, no creation of new roads, no wishes, no dreams, no dreams coming true, IF we are not a fresh human, a human with no past habits, no past wants for revenge, no hard feelings for other people etc.

You, wanting to hurt someone, you, wanting to help someone, its not really you, it is you supposed to be, but you don’t want to live a life that is supposed to be, you want to live your own life, with your own ways, tools and surroundings.

We get numerous bad habits through the life, and anytime you feel negative emotions to some things you do, accept the alarm, this is not a part of you, this is a part of you that was supposed to be, and we know how the world is distorted, what is normal is not normal.

Next thing to do is, wish for the thing you do to fade away from yourself, just talk to the air, talk to god, say, i really want to get rid of this, just like that, its that simple.

After months, you will feel the difference, after years, you will be new, being hit by a car is not bad luck, loosing on a poker game is not bad luck, it is just what was supposed to be. Evading a car is not luck, until you have got rid of all the things that are not truly traits of a human being, of a clean human being that has no negative feelings for the world and everything on it.

There you go, take the road supposed to be, but slowly make it your own road, the road that you shape, where you point the destinations, where we build our own luck… where you choose when the sun rises, not really, but you get the point.

better times are coming

"Looking up" by lifelovepaper

Did you see the sun this morning? It had a rather bigger smile than yesterday and I bet tomorrow it will be more brighter again. See how the world is changing, it is changing because it can’t get more down, it is now only going up, because it is time. It is time that the world changes, and it is now time that we change.

Unfortunately, there are still many people waiting to be changed rather than changing themselves. Today it is not all stones and rocks, it is the information age, and with some clicks we can realize what we have to do, if not the whole, even the tiny bit, that will create the seed of hope that can grow and become an reality.

We can’t change the rules, but we can change ourselves according to the rules and play as it was supposed to be, play without the greed for perfection, but rather the greed of collaboration, play without the hatred, without jealousy, without revenge.

Every thing begins with the small step, being grateful of flowers that bring beauty to our eyes, feeling the love in every person we see, the love that is being shown on the inside, because that is the only thing that was meant to count in the real world.

The world where people really can choose to work hard and in the end accomplish it without being hit by a car or something, the world where children come back home while playing without tears in their eyes created by the hatred.

The harsh times will come, because to clear the dust on the floor we have to get a broom and wipe it, there must be an conflict for the peace to come, yes i also wish it is not a truth. But hey, we must be grateful for being born in this time, where it started, we rock!

looking for the easiest ways

"The Easier Way" by t.gruv

This is for the young ones, for the teen ones, for the I haven’t chosen the road yet ones. You wanting the best for yourself, while minding to carry that one potato bag, to cut the a bit of the burden, the hardships from the most important persons. Afraid to face the true self, the root, the only rope, that can bring you to the real top, where footsteps of the one self, true self are only welcomed, you should have came at first.

But, driven by the thirst for the finished things, for the most surest hits, for the already designed roads, where the past sweat can be felt, while being afraid, careful not to accidentally sweat a little for yourself. By going that way, by going through the way where the branches on the road are cut, you will one day meet, appear in front of the door, with an “ups” bio-metrical scanners to prove, that can be passed by the only true holder of the road.

The next thing you do is look for other possible ways inside to continue the easy slide, it is like the need for cannabis, the need to stay inside, the need to keep it in the light, not being afraid of the night coming by. When the butterfly passes by, leafs fall down, pigeons start to fly, you consider to be clever, to be you.

To go back isn’t hard, but painful because of the realization of time, the realization of never being able to turn back the clocks, it is awful, you blame yourself, it is right, lets not do it again, lets remember it this time.

Starting to build your own road, it doesn’t seem difficult, it is just that past time were such a fun round, to play, to rest. Forget about the past, it is no use, you learned the mistakes, not to abuse, to go by its own, to leave a trace, leave no mess nor pitiness.

By going forward, you recognize, the old smile, that is so bright, that comes from the deep of the heart. Looking back, being proud, of the true road you built, where only one man was supposed to breathe. Wishing for the future to come at fast, because one thing we know, is that there will be light, without any doubt.

our friend, time

"Alice in Wonderland: No Time to Say Hello, Goodbye..." by Brandon Warren

Time, a passenger that is always there with us, sometimes invisible, sometimes visible, always inevitable, metaphysical it can be. Something we defined through realizations of nature, through realizations of us humans, outer and inner views. We can keep it in our hands, in our heads, in our minds to go forward, to go high, or it can build around us like a void that really was our creation, our lack of consistency with losing the sight of the mountain high.

We can blame it, reason it, other synonym it, but it doesn’t care, because it can paddle without us or it doesn’t have to paddle at all. By keeping it, by furnishing it, by embracing it, our boat can turn into a ship, our paddle can turn into a machine. By letting it go, disappear, don’t bother us, us? Our satisfactional desires, we will turn to our selfish selves, our rational selves and do the first sentence in this paragraph… it is enough.

Just like the dust sleeping in the air, in the bottom nor the top, feeling the slight “wind” with closed eyes, not caring at all, not caring of getting lost. But the dust, time, we must take at hand, grow together, be the friend, be the benchmark for the success, or flight for the art.

As you read, do you care, if the time that is at your hand, is thrown over the hills or below the flame, that you may know by the boring voices, where you responded with I know it all. In the end we watch the past, turn the past pages, and realize, why didn’t I listen, I mean why did I only look at the pictures that were easier where in fact they are the reasons of dismissing the important memories that later turn to stu*** reasons.

But it is not late, the passenger is forever and still here, in the car that which we still and forever may drive, be it fast or be it slow, please just don’t be it reverse that mostly unfortunately is. Even if the hole is deep and can be deeper, which you don’t want to be but have to do, driven by the cursed desires, like a webbed slave controlled by the first move, to take the magical thing that turned to be by a witch rather than a fairy which you thought, which the circumstances made it the only choice to rejoice… but the sun is still up.

You drive it from here, not letting go of the passenger, helping him, helping you, to drive to the furthest, to drive to the limit of the purpose, even if it can bother, even if it can be sweet to blame, in the end it is our decision, wrong move, black pictures that our eyes see, that we thought were bright, don’t let your sentences regarding the past start with why didn’t I, let them be, it is good that I.

say hello to passively made habits

"Dont Trust Your Own Shadow" by Meshari Karkari

Consistency and inconsistency are special words that must always be present in minds because they can define if we will go to the finish line or fail without even trying. How many times did you read that the things you don’t see, feel, pressure and plan can be with the same value with the things that are visible to our outside and inside? I am sure it was hyperbolic, with positive numbers. But on the other hand i am also sure that sometimes it is harder to manage the things we see…

I cannot stress it out enough how it is important to be consistent with our own words either be it saying out loud or saying it so that even the mosquitoes around us won’t hear. Yesterday, I read a quote that says, “Goals that are not written down are just wishes” the Author is unknown. Some of you may agree with the quote because of the metaphors or your hard tries. I say that it is not important if we write our goals or not, what is important is that we are being consistent with our own decisions.

No matter how much we think something in our closeness is unique, there is 99% someone else feeling or doing it. I believe that you know that sometimes it is better not to write any goals nor say them aloud in order to really make it happen. Well, lets go back to the main point…

Habits are not being created only by our efficiency but also with our inefficiency, and the habit created by the inefficiency is usually just like a invisible fire burning in a secret forest, it will be hard to stop the fire once recognized that something is holding us down.

If we once step of the road we planned, the next time when we want to take the road it will be harder because of the first time we failed, because of the first time when we were taken by our short term desires. Failing to follow our decisions once, twice and third time the volcano that was expanding in the inside of us will break out so that we see what we have created, which can be nearly inevitable if we don’t take the stand next time. Habits are hands that build the road that drives us higher or lower in the life, control the creation of unwanted habits and always go forward.