So, this blog is so 2011. I won’t delete the blog, or the posts in it, and it is in your hands to determine if that was a good choice or not. I am sure, you will find the posts purposeful. When I look back at these articles, I wonder how I could have written in this dense language. But I can’t say that I am not proud about them, here is another quest for you, to determine, if me being proud has a reason or not. Check out the last article for an detailed update and links to redirect you to my newer journeys.


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  1. Man! That’s so true. Love it! I’ve written a post about what the best personal development advice on earth could be. This is it. You may find it on my blog. The best advice is – ditch everything that’s not working for you and become selfish (the other way, by the way 🙂

    • I believe there are reasons to everything that happens in our life and even some things that didn’t work for us may have reasons behind it and if we ditch it instead of harmonizing and re-conciliating with it, we would never be able to gain what we could have gained if we continued through that path. But, ditching generally is not a bad idea at all, if we know for sure whats good and whats bad to ditch of course. Thank you for commenting Jaky :), i read that post you mentioned and i must say it is really a nice stairway to take for speed perfection, but i just hope that the perfection is not for selfish means.

  2. “This blog may seem as an just another personal development blog, and in reality it is, lol.”

    That made me laugh. You seem really honest with your blog here, I can’t wait to check it out. I’m curious about this paradigm you’re talking about where you either go up or down.. can you elaborate?

    • Haha, i found out while writing articles that being honest brings much more positive feedback :).

      Through this article https://hyunsoung.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/shape-what-you-are-supposed-to-be/ we can ultimately find out that we are not the only ones controlling our motives and the actions that follow the motives. Which means that, speaking directly through the sentence you quoted, the things from affirmations to visualizations, they can be motives for good of course, to develop ourselves, but they can also bring sadness, for example if it doesn’t work, we just brought more sadness into our life. I am sorry for not being direct, but theres a reason to it :), as there is a reason behind Everything.

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