the part when the world transitions

"Better times" by Hausstaubmilbe

The volcano has erupted. All the sufferings from this world started to clash on one each other, or it can seem that way. It can seem that it is too late sometimes, but even if it sounds hopeless i will tell you that the human heart can always be changed. Yes. Some may say the nature is mindless, plays on dice, but i will tell you.

Everything that surrounds us, has a reason, if not, than there are more reasons. What seems illogical doesn’t mean that it is purposeless, it is just that we can’t ignore the fog in the middle of the bridge. The reasons change as we change, they are like mirrors. Mirrors that are in pain, mirrors that want revenge.

It just started, and it can be worse, the planet, the world is reshaping itself, like a human has times of trouble which he overcomes to have joy. Peace can hardly be realized without the last clash, that makes it even for both, that closes the door of the past and lets us step on the world not as we know it, but wholly different in means of colors.

One cannot help other person if the person is not ready, ready to think through it, to accept it. Life is not short, it is the part we can see is short, but what we don’t see doesn’t mean it is not existing. It just started, but we can end it.


5 responses to “the part when the world transitions

  1. This reminds me of Power vs Force. In it he says that humanity as a huge has taken a quantum leap in consciousness within the past few decades.

    Basically, for the first time in the history of the world, human beings have stopped being overwhelmingly destructive to the planet.

    Of course, the face of nuclear war and incredible waste, it doesn’t seem like it’s all that true, but perhaps it is.

    • Im sure they did but the problem is that we dont have a map and no change is better than bad change. But we dont have to worry much now, its all getting better even when it seems that its getting worse.

  2. better times come always….the “hope” to survive !

  3. Hausstaubmilbe

    the hope help to survive !

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