black clouds don’t have to exist

"Dirty Sky" by Luke Healey

Today, people’s lives are like ocean waves, it goes up and it goes down. You can pick every single opportunity you encounter and you will pick every threat you encounter. It is because you are not really the one who picks. People who get to the top and fall straight down, and people who flow with the wave in the middle lane are same, same in the colors of the heart.

The reason of people falling down, is the presence of hatred and his fruit revenge, the world was turning round and round in the principle of revenge through the past. We can’t see what is in the air, and if we don’t see anything it doesn’t mean that there is nothing.

As we feel hatred, as we show hatred, as we inflict hatred, the air fills up with more and more of revenge and it is the reason of everyone, including the innocent being hurt. It doesn’t fade away with new generations coming, it just sums up with the past clouds.

We can clear up the hatred in the air by clearing ourselves of hate that comes from time to time. The bigger hatred we feel, the easier we can get rid of it, because we know how painful it feels. By saying to the air, by saying it to god, i really want to get rid of this feeling, one by one, the day will come when no hatred will be felt nor born in us.


2 responses to “black clouds don’t have to exist

  1. I like this a lot. It makes sense in a metaphorical sort of way, and maybe even in a real spiritual sense.

    I notice what you’re talking about, too. Here’s an example of a bad vibe area. I went to the state fair recently, and you could just tell there was a weird vibe in the air. I felt more aggressive and stressed than I usually do. My friend lost her purse, and some dude ripped us off too. It’s a pretty bad place.

    On the other hand, just going outside here in the country where people are spread it, it’s such a nice natural and neutral energy. There aren’t too many people messing it up with bad thoughts, and I can pretty much think whatever I want.

    And comparing the neutral energy with what I experienced at a Zen Buddhist monastery (which I blogged about) is even more intense. It’s like the air is dripping with love, and peace, and it’s really nice. 🙂

    • Oh, im sorry for the purse, and yeah, the situations can come always until the world is not what it was meant to be :). I also forgot to write something more materialistic, or shall i say psychological… there was a research done in this account, and the result was that when one person feels bad and angry some molecules or something go out from his heart and spread around the area, environment, and so other people get affected by that, of course it is same with happiness :).

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