better times are coming

"Looking up" by lifelovepaper

Did you see the sun this morning? It had a rather bigger smile than yesterday and I bet tomorrow it will be more brighter again. See how the world is changing, it is changing because it can’t get more down, it is now only going up, because it is time. It is time that the world changes, and it is now time that we change.

Unfortunately, there are still many people waiting to be changed rather than changing themselves. Today it is not all stones and rocks, it is the information age, and with some clicks we can realize what we have to do, if not the whole, even the tiny bit, that will create the seed of hope that can grow and become an reality.

We can’t change the rules, but we can change ourselves according to the rules and play as it was supposed to be, play without the greed for perfection, but rather the greed of collaboration, play without the hatred, without jealousy, without revenge.

Every thing begins with the small step, being grateful of flowers that bring beauty to our eyes, feeling the love in every person we see, the love that is being shown on the inside, because that is the only thing that was meant to count in the real world.

The world where people really can choose to work hard and in the end accomplish it without being hit by a car or something, the world where children come back home while playing without tears in their eyes created by the hatred.

The harsh times will come, because to clear the dust on the floor we have to get a broom and wipe it, there must be an conflict for the peace to come, yes i also wish it is not a truth. But hey, we must be grateful for being born in this time, where it started, we rock!


2 responses to “better times are coming

  1. Gratitude is the absolute way to better times. Better times always exist! We need to be grateful to our surroundings. I’m so happy you wrote this post. 🙂 The harsh times are the contrasts that make our happiness feel happier 🙂

    • Yes! Gratitude keeps up watching up like the penguin on the photo. I am very glad you commented, and i feel happy that there are such optimistic people like you in these hard times!

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