say hello to passively made habits

"Dont Trust Your Own Shadow" by Meshari Karkari

Consistency and inconsistency are special words that must always be present in minds because they can define if we will go to the finish line or fail without even trying. How many times did you read that the things you don’t see, feel, pressure and plan can be with the same value with the things that are visible to our outside and inside? I am sure it was hyperbolic, with positive numbers. But on the other hand i am also sure that sometimes it is harder to manage the things we see…

I cannot stress it out enough how it is important to be consistent with our own words either be it saying out loud or saying it so that even the mosquitoes around us won’t hear. Yesterday, I read a quote that says, “Goals that are not written down are just wishes” the Author is unknown. Some of you may agree with the quote because of the metaphors or your hard tries. I say that it is not important if we write our goals or not, what is important is that we are being consistent with our own decisions.

No matter how much we think something in our closeness is unique, there is 99% someone else feeling or doing it. I believe that you know that sometimes it is better not to write any goals nor say them aloud in order to really make it happen. Well, lets go back to the main point…

Habits are not being created only by our efficiency but also with our inefficiency, and the habit created by the inefficiency is usually just like a invisible fire burning in a secret forest, it will be hard to stop the fire once recognized that something is holding us down.

If we once step of the road we planned, the next time when we want to take the road it will be harder because of the first time we failed, because of the first time when we were taken by our short term desires. Failing to follow our decisions once, twice and third time the volcano that was expanding in the inside of us will break out so that we see what we have created, which can be nearly inevitable if we don’t take the stand next time. Habits are hands that build the road that drives us higher or lower in the life, control the creation of unwanted habits and always go forward.


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