healthy or sweet?

"Two Roads Diverged in a Wood..." by Tommy Martin

Satisfactional desires and beneficial desires, both desires but both having a totally different roads, which road to take that is the question where the answer is rather a moral and unmoral conflict a conflict between body and mind, between the mind driven by clocks of fewer hours and clocks that run beyond the fogs of short.

Continuing, like a clingy road, unbalanced tires, an unequal libra. Where we know what is easier though darker, harder though brighter. Influential by the power of crowd, the power of false safety, the blind safety, just like following others feet instead of putting the head up or left, and right, putting the staff of balance on our hands and going where we should’ve.

What if the crowd is not the only safe blindness we follow, what if there are other “beautiful” fountains that start to burn when we achieve the not supposed to be achieved. The answer is not yes and no, nor long brief trying, misses and hits. The crowd is the fifth player of i don’t know how many.

Do you think that, your, thoughts are. Do you think that you see the strings, or do the strings have minds aswell, minds just as ours, controlled by the controller.Where you are headed east west south north, is the east brighter or is it just a light of the danger headed ahead.

The north seems fun, achievable, timeless, where backfires are behind every single mess, though you jump over, think it is forgotten, frightened of the truth, that is hidden like the nails in the books, where the hammers roll over, slow or fast, but with the strongest flashlight in the night.

The answer is clear, people think, like the first tree we see in the lost land, but again when the tree turns to ashes because of our desires, unlimited wants and needs. “Are you picking the healthy ones or the sweet ones?” And the mumbling in our heads worrying, reasoning, questioning if the road there is the right road for us, for our future, where continuing to pick the sweetest for our taste will create just more mazes to the already supreme labyrinth.


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