recognize the rotten apples

"Toxophobia" by Jaz Marsh

Do you really need it, does it care about you, or does it only want to levitate from the level of mystery and you from gray misery. What you want is not always what you need, it is brainless, mindless and human-less. Don’t fill the cup with any liquid you find, let it stay empty until you find the clear water even if it takes eternity.

All is not as you see it with your eyes, remember, enormous time has passed and the changes walk along, what you feel is right for you may be right for the other person but the contrary for you. Before you start to follow the steps of an successful–in all means, firstly check if he is consistent with his voice. Most people are experts in not being themselves, they are shy of their true and unique flower that yet didn’t blossom.

Take care of the one who is with you, your own body, that follows you in good and bad, who jumps when you feel like jumping, who runs when you feel like running and who obeys you without questioning. And who are you to spoil it, misuse it… torture it. And again we say, we have nothing.

Do what will lift you up in reality, in the future, don’t do it just for the sake of the replenishment of the past and the pity present. There is no thing such as laziness, there is only the thought of being the best one can be, and being stupid, simple as that, what are you?

”What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”, man, why do we even bother trying to do the things that can hurt us, does it make sense. Find an another way, there is not always an another way but we can create one. The world and life is not black and white, its not all plus and minus, it is not all written. Our potential is beyond our imagination, shoot higher than the moon.

Grow beyond the norms, keep the divine standards in your mind, climb that tree, climb it to the top because only the apples on top are shining, you don’t need to stop to try others. Let those standards be your guide, only you for yourself can find your path and overcome the obstacles that hinder you to reach the end.


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