life can be amazing

"To Value Life" by Laurarama

Look at the apple, do you see its core, you feel it, but you must eat up some more.
Rocks and stones there will be, but with some faith there will be a future you will long to live.
For the future you must rise, to make it brighter than the shiniest edelweiss.
Sweat and sweat, don’t wipe it up, until there is nothing anymore to make you stand up.

Live up to the fullest, don’t complain of being empty, dug some more and the supply will be plenty.
Be in tact with the time, and soon you will realize that everything in fact can be a rhyme.
Your start can be slow, your start can be low, but always remember that only the peak is there to be shown.
To crush our own fortress there is only one way, to put up the white flag is to show off our mighty ray.

There will be black and white days, but the root that you don’t see will stay forever anyways.
Root, green or grey, the only thing that matters is the blossoming arrays.
Even if it is not deep, even it is just weak, to be ashamed of it is a job for the freak.
Face every new clock with booming spirit rather than a rile, and the time will come when every tick will make you smile.


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