the distorted world, naturally lost cocoons and wannabe butterflies

"The World Turned Upside Down" painted by Pieter Brueghel; photo by Martin Beek

Monday again, the boring ride begins in the shade wishing for once to be in the light, where we can feel the sun shine bright. Life, choosing the way to survive to the end of the road, some following the intuition to colour it by its own, to finish it faster, yeah I chose the right choice, I think I did, yes I did, it is late, I am already in.

Am I really in, you don’t ask, you don’t know, the only thing you wish for is the other thing, the thing that you never had, the other choice you haven’t decided to pick. It is all so distorted I don’t know what the right thing is even if I know that I am on the right island. Is it this or is it that, lets just close the eyes and walk straight, there is still time, I can check.

I think this is right, I feel good about this, I really do, but i am young and mature or I just live the wishes. I can’t take the ropes on this journey to go back to the safe point, it is not easy, so many choices, take the boring, wait, is it boring or is it only the front page I can see, that one has more colors, I can’t take them both.

Feel the wind, this is great, I feel the sunshine, and there is no gray. This is where I am supposed to be, this where I feel safe in, though I don’t see the end, I want no end. Who made this road, I keep saying it is me, am I that great or is there a player who is controlling me, knowing me, creating for good and the bad for me, driving the car to the rainbow, to the top to make a harder drop.

I made a mistake, it ain’t just me, I want to get out of my body, watch the sides, no man alone could have made it this far. I lived a dream that has turned to a nightmare, because there was no share and no feelings for left backs. The world is bigger than I thought I could think. It ain’t no planets and a black universe, what we don’t see is what we must feel and what we feel is what we must see.

Is it really boring or is it just the wish to check the unknown, even if you don’t know anything. Don’t follow the cleaned roads, nor create your own, check the heart and use your mind to move it in the safe point, feel the distortion in every portion of this forest where the colors are all reverse, let the empty be the new full, and just don’t mix the black with the little white.


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